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 "Considered one of the best!" Learn dancing in the privacy of Isabelle's Emeryville Studio.

Call to schedule a one on one lesson  (510) 776-9448

Reviews of Private lessons with Isabelle:

  • Ernesto D. - San Pablo, CA

Where do I start? Isabelle is awesome! She breaks things down so easily and goes through each step/ movement until you have it down or feel comfortable. She will go into detail on your arm placement, how to cup your fingers, hip placement and feet placement. 
I have gone to Allegro a handful of times and get lost at the end due to the shortage of women that show. I decided to be taught by the best and it was worth it. Arm placement during basics and as well during turns is what she worked with me most. She concentrated on my arms more because I told her I wanted to learn more turns and spins for the woman. 
She have me a couple of things to work on at home. She did some helpful exercises with a chair and a little pan so I can get my foot placement right. 
It is big enough for private lessons and Morris along the front wall! Be careful because if you're driving you can pass this place up easily! It's directly to the side of the FedEx building. Parking on the street is something I recommend. 
Isabelle is so encouraging and so nice. She makes dancing salsa so much fun and makes you want to go back to show her how much you've improved. Well respected and an awesome dancer she is. 
Package deals are available but individual sessions are $75 but well worth it. I plan on doing a package deal soon. She's a great instructor and makes you feel comfortable. Makes learning salsa so enjoyable! Ladies, she's a great teacher to learn from and for the men... She's a great teacher to know on what you should know for when you dance with a girl. 
Check her out! Take a class or two. Well worth it!

  • Dennis G. - Sunnyvale, CA

You can NOT do better than Isabelle. I drive from San Jose in the middle of the week and am tired at work the next day in order to take lessons from Isabelle. I truly love technique, connection, movement with purpose to the music and needs of my partner. Taking lessons with Isabelle is one of the best investments you will ever make in your Salsa career. You can make it to pretty darn good without a good instructor like her. But if you want to be among the elite where ever you go in the country, Isabelle can get you there. But be warned, all you bad habits will not be tolerated!!! You will be taken apart and rebuilt, with kindness. She doesn't do any ballroom studio pep talks while you pay her for lessons. You have to apply yourself - But it's worth every penny. 
However, if you don't go, that leaves more of the better dancers for me ;-)

  • Dawn J. - San Rafael, CA

Isabelle is the best salsa teacher I have come across, and I would recommend anyone interested in learning to take her classes.
She has amazing powers of observation and understands salsa like no one else I've met.  She can watch you and in a second discern why a move is not working.  She comes over and tells you and suddenly, it's working.
Her interest in teaching is to TEACH, not to show off, though she is beautiful, has a perfect body and is an amazing dancer.  And, she's down to earth, kind and gentle with students.
The best salsa teacher in the Bay Area!

  • Jullie J. - Union City, CA

I have taken a variety of salsa dance classes from some very good teachers, and have seen some excellent dancers, but NO ONE dances quite like Isabelle.  She is a great teacher: very clear about her explanations and corrections, very personable, and very kind.  It is kind of funny that she is, at first glance, quite intimidating because of her appearance and her dance skill, but  in actuality she's absolutely warm and approachable. But the thing is, you have to see her in action...she is something else. It kind of scares the pants off you!
It is really worth the trip to Allegro Ballroom on a Sunday night ( later during the "party") just to watch Isabelle dance.  When she is on the dance floor a crowd tends to form around her. She is mesmerizing. She is beyond mere superior dance skill; her movement is imbibed with flavor and sensuality.  She is quite possibly the sexiest woman in the Bay Area.  If you have any interest in salsa dance, you have to see Isabelle!

  • Dela A. - Hayward, CA

This girl is the most amazing salsa dancer I have ever seen in my life.  And that is no lie.  I remember seeing this girl when I first started dancing thinking to myself, "When I grow up, I wanna dance just like that." 
This girl has mastered the art of seduction.  Her movements are so fluid that anyone who catches a small glimpse of her dancing is entranced by her.  If you have every seen this girl turn, you will faint.  Ive seen this girl do damn near 20 turns hella fast and back to back, coming out of it like it is nothing. 
Yes I'm on her jock.  If you saw her dance, you' be on her jock too.  She teaches on Sunday nights at Allegro Ballroom with Garry.  She is an excellent teacher.    Check her out when you are in the area.  You wont be disappointed. 
So, I built up the courage to take private lessons from this gal.  It was the best $ that I have ever invested.   I took one lesson and immediately I felt the difference when I hit the dance floor. 
The good thing is that she told me that I move my body well.  You know, in the African American culture, we just get out there and groove with no form or anything.  Well she taught me how to keep form, look sexy and be a good follower.   
I love Isabelle.  I can sit and watch her dance and be completely content.  You think I'm kidding?  Go see for yourself.